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Here at Hog Express, we truly believe in the AWESOMENESS of our product! We wouldn’t have spent so much time coming up with WAY too many puns if we didn’t!

Let’s see if we can convince you just how awesome it is!

Why Choose Rotisserie Barbecue?

1. They are a low maintenance, affordable, and unique. Per person portioning price is perfect!

2. Rotisserie BBQ yields fabulous food for your function – tender, slow cooked, deliciously flavoured meat, fresh off the spit!

3. It’s memorable. (particularly if you invite your vegan cousins!)

4. Rotisserie BBQ is simply fun and a great conversation piece.

Hog with Spit

H.E.R.B. Help!

Size Doesn't Matter

Events come in all different sizes so our single, double or quad spit units have the unique ability of accommodating from one really hungry guy up to 900 people and everything in between, creating the space to service all different kinds and sizes of events. (Read the “Fill your Spits” option to understand how to get the best value out of your rental!)

How do the BBQ’s work?

Our BBQ’s work like an oven with no hand cranking needed! The small electric motor keeps the spit turning at a consistent speed for even cooking. The charcoal briquettes develop beautiful flavour and the slow roasting technique leads to unbelievably tender meats.

Is it Hard to Use?

One of the great things about a rotisserie bbq, is that it is super easy! You get to look like a pro, while secretly following the easy step by step process to a perfect BBQ! An instructional booklet is supplied with each rental to assist in your BBQ success. You can also take advantage of the instructional video filled with operational steps and carving techniques found on the Instructions page.

Pitmaster Service

Love the idea of rotisserie BBQ, but not totally sure about doing it yourself? No problem - DIY isn’t for everybody! Hire one of our many experienced PitMasters to come on site and take care of it all. They will deliver, cook, carve, and clean up! You get the best of both worlds - delicious BBQ and someone to do the dishes!

Salads and More!

Hog Express can take care of more than just the meat! If you are looking for delicious convenience, than you will like this easy option. We can supply your event with salads, buns, sauces, disposables, and more! Check out H.E.R.B.’s Menu below for more information.
Close up of rotisserie pig on spit

Fill Your Spits!

Everybody loves value! Getting the most bang for your buck or in this case “ping for your pig”. That is why we offer the “Fill your Spits” feature.

Here’s how it works:

1. You select the “Fill Your Spits” feature and send in your quote request.

2. Using the “Fill your Spits” feature we will fill up any room left on your spit with additional roasts!

3. The additional slow roasted meats can then be put into your freezer, assist with good neighbour relations, or auctioned off to the highest bidder. You have already spent the money on the rental – get the most out of it you can!

H.E.R.B's Menu:

Hog Pig Meat Diagram
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