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Rent a Rotisserie BBQ capable of feeding an army of hungry guests!
We offer a variety of rotisserie BBQ units for rent to suit gatherings of any size.
We provide everything you need to make your BBQ event a super easy success!
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Video Instructions

For the best Hog Express experience, check out this instructional video for how to set up your rotisserie barbecue, prepare your hog, and clean the unit prior to returning it. Thanks, and happy Hogging!


Introducing the HERB DIY BBQ KIT!
We’ve made it even easier for you to satisfy the hunger of your guests!
Try it for yourself!

Party BBQ
Party BBQ 2


(Hog Express Rotisserie Barbecue’s)

Welcome to Hog Express!

My name is H.E.R.B, your friendly neigh-“boar”-hood, philanthropig! I am here to “express” my philosophy on life.

This isn’t a bunch of Hogwash. This is what I have dedicated my life to and am so excited to share with y’all!

So, if you stop reading now, you are going to be missing out, PIG time!

Through my years of searching and study I have to come to understand one thing:

Barbecue is Awesome!

BBQ can really put the twist in your tail, if you know what I mean!

Now, I know your trip around the pen has had it’s ups and downs…

Today, I would like to share with you what to do, no matter how life has hambushed you!

  • Are you feeling disgruntled? Then BBQ!
  • Are you wallowing in misery? Light em’ up!
  • Are you squealing with joy? Roast away!
  • Are you crackling with excitement? Grill baby, GRILL!

Whatever moment you are celebrating, there is always opportunity to sow a little more, and that is where a rental rotisserie barbecue and the #HERBSQUAD and I come in.


Rotisserie Hog with Apple in Mouth

In Any Event...

Whatever the event, barbecue is the answer. Rent your H.E.R.B. so you and your guests don’t miss out PIG time! A rental rotisserie barbecue is perfect for events such as:

Ready for your Next Barbecue Experience?

Equip yourself with the rental bbq, charcoal, lighter fluid, meat, and anything else you might need to upgrade your event.
It couldn’t be easier!

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BBQ Pig Rotisserie Style